Best Paper Awards | CHIP on the sands 2017

Best Paper Awards

SBCCI 2017

Track: Analog and RF + EDA/CAD, Test and Reliability + Embedded Software and Systems

Paper Title: A Temperature-Aware Analysis of Latched Comparators for Smart Vehicle Applications

Authors: Adriano Fonseca, Rachid El Khattabi, William Afshari, Fernando Barúqui, Carlos Soares and Pietro Ferreira

Track: Digital Circuits, Mixed Signal and Applications + SoC, NoC and Reconfigurable

Paper Title: A 34fJ/conversion-step 10-bit 6.66MS/s SAR ADC with built-in digital calibration in 130nm CMOS

Authors: Felipe Makara, Lucas Mangini and Andre Mariano

SBMicro 2017

First Place

Paper Title: Ni/Al2O3/4H-SiC Schottky diodes

Authors: Ivan Rodrigo Kaufmann, Ana Carolina Pick, Marcelo Barbalho Pereira and Henri Boudinov

Second Place

Paper Title: Channel Width Influence on the Analog Performance of the Asymmetric Self-Cascode FD SOI nMOSFETs

Authors: Rafael Assalti, Denis Flandre and Michelly de Souza

Third Place

Paper Title: Fabrication and characterization of a pH sensor

Authors: Frâncio Rodrigues and Henri Boudinov

WCAS 2017

Paper Title: Low Phase-Error Differential Frequency Divider for Quadrature LO Generation

Authors: Leonardo Sulato de Moraes, Eduardo Rodrigues de Lima, Fabiano Fruett and Pedro Emiliano Paro Filho

SForum 2017

Track: SForum - Área; Projetos Analógicos

Paper Title: Electromagnetic Simulation and Analysis of Crosstalk Effect in Integrated Circuits

Authors: Nelson Andrade, Diogo Santana, Hamilton Klimach and Eric Fabris - UFRGS

Track: SForum - Área: projetos digitais

Paper Title: An IoT-Based Culvert Monitoring System for Urban Flood Prevention

Authors: Ladson Gomes, Mariana Barros, Thiago Silva and Edna Barros - UFPE


Paper Title: A Low-Power FPN Attenuation Method in the Double-Log PMOS APS

Authors: Carlos Augusto de Moraes Cruz, Davies William de Lima Monteiro, Giles Sicard, Francelino Freitas and Alexandre Kennedy Pinto Souza

Paper Title: Semiconductor Bending Setup for Electrical Characterization of Mechanical Stress

Authors: Rudolf Buhler, Andre Perin and Renato Giacomini