Conference Venue | CHIP on the sands 2017


For hotel reservations and conference instructions, follow the instructions below.

The procedure to use the promotional prices for Chip on the Sands is

1. Select the site

2. Press the button “RESERVAR”; Next page you can select “language (English)”

3. Choose “Seara Praia Hotel” or “Praiano Hotel”. Remark that Seara is the conference hotel;

4. Set check-in, check-out, rooms, adults, children;

5. Mark and fill the promotional code according to the hotel chosen (code described below)

• 55067 (if you choose Seara Praia Hotel)

• 39465 (if you choose Praiano Hotel)

6. Press Search button. This procedure will open some options of available lodgings (standard apartment and Luxury apartment) together with the name PROMO - Chips On The Sands Event;

7. Click on the PROMO of the apartment to guarantee the promotional prices;

8. Subsequently, press “Book now” button and finish the booking.