Technical Program | CHIP on the sands 2017

Technical Program

General Program (SBCCI, SBMicro, WCAS, SForum, INSCIT and FEEC)

General Program SBMicro

Aug. 30 (Wednesday) - Session 1 - Devices, Modeling and Characteriztion - Chair: Marcelo Antonio Pavanello

Room: Farsala (10:40h - 12:20h)

Presentation 1,1 (10:40h - 11:00h) - Paper: 7

Ni/Al2O3/4H-SiC Schottky diodes

Ivan Rodrigo Kaufmann, Ana Carolina Pick, Marcelo Barbalho Pereira and Henri Ivanov Boudinov

Presentation 1,2 (11:00h - 11:20h) - Paper: 35

Substrate influence on the behavior of capacitance hysteresis of III-V bilayered MOS stacks

Fernando Leonel Aguirre, Sebastián Matías Pazos, Félix Roberto Palumbo, Igor Krylov and Moshe Eizenberg

Presentation 1,3 (11:20h - 11:40h) - Paper: 58

Proton radiation effects on the self-aligned triple gate SOI p-type Tunnel FET output characteristic

Henrique Torres, João Martino, Paula Agopian, Cor Claeys, Rita Rooyackers, Anne Vandooren and Eddy Simoen

Presentation 1,4 (11:40h - 12:00h) - Paper: 40

Simple method for detection of the self-heating signature

Carlos Mori, Paula Agopian and J.A. Martino

Presentation 1,5 (12:00h - 12:20h) - Paper: 38

Optimization of Contact Grids for Solar Cells with Genetic Algorithms

Roberto Carlos Pejendino Jojoa, Jose Eduardo Ruiz, Eleonora Cominato Weiner, Daniel Micha, Mauricio Pires and Patrícia Lustoza de Souza

Aug. 30 (Wednesday) - Session 2 - Sensors and Devices - Chair: José A. Diniz

Room: FARSALA (15:40h - 18:00h)

Presentation 2,1 (15:40h - 16:00h) - Paper: 62

Graphene Oxide nanofilm based surface acoustic wave sensor for fast measurements of water activity

Ana Valéria Braga, Sergey Balashov, Olga Balachova, Héctor Cabrera and Flávio Schimidt

Presentation 2,2 (16:00h - 16:20h) - Paper: 18

Love wave gas sensor based on DWNTs sensitive material

Hamida Hallil, Qing Zhang, Emmanuel Flahaut, LeanLuc Lachaud, Philippe Coquet, Corinne Dejous and Dominique Rebiere

Presentation 2,3 (16:20h - 16:40h) - Paper: 36

Microfluidic devices and Gigahertz sensor applied to measurements of liquid mixtures concentration

Salomao Moraes da Silva Junior, Johan Stiens, Jacobus Willibrordus Swart, Stanislav Moshkalev, Yuchen Zhang, Vladimir Matvejev, Werner Vandermeiren and Cathleen De Tandt

Presentation 2,4 (16:40h - 17:00h) - Paper: 8

pH sensors aiming microfluidic integrated devices, based in TiO2 nanotubes

Katia Albertin, Gleydson Monteiro, Marcelo Carreño and Inés Pereyra

Presentation 2,5 (17:00h - 17:20h) - Paper: 32

Fabrication and characterization of a pH sensor

Frâncio Rodrigues and Henri Boudinov

Presentation 2,6 (17:20h - 17:40h) - Paper: 13

A Microfluidic Device based on Plasma Nitrided Self-Organized TiO2 Nanotubes for Photocatalytic Reduction Study

Thiago Scremin Bonelli and Inés Pereyra

Presentation 2,7 (17:40h - 18:00h) -Paper: 67

Porous silicon films passivated with graphene aiming at non circular supercapacitors

Marcel Castilho Batista de Carvalho and Sebastião Gomes dos Santos Filho

Aug. 31 (Thursday) - Session 3 - Optoelectronics and Microwave - Chair: Helder V. A. Galeti

Room: FARSALA (10:40h - 12:20h)

Presentation 3,1 (10:40h - 11:00h) - Paper: 47

Asymmetric Superlattice quantum well infrared photodetector

Pedro Henrique Pereira, Germano Maioli Penello, Mauricio Pires, Deborah Sivco, Claire Gmachl and Patricia Souza

Presentation 3,2 (11:00h - 11:20h) - Paper: 34

Integrated optoelectronics – Low-cost prototyping of photonics system-in-package

Celio Finardi, Stefan Tenenbaum, Andre Ponchet and Roberto Panepucci

Presentation 3,3 (11:20h - 11:40h) - Paper 64

Pedestal platform for low loss Doped Amplifiers and Nonlinear Optics

Daniel Orquiza de Carvalho, Luciana Reyes Pires Kassab and Marco Isaías Alayo

Presentation 3,4 (11:40h - 12:00h) - Paper 68

Optimization of RF MEMS fabricated in CMOS technology for microwaves aplications

R.G. Bovadilla, O. D. Molitor, A. L. C. Serrano and G. P. Rehder

Presentation 3,5 (12:00h - 12:20h) - Paper: 66

Mm-Wave Flip-Chip fabrication process for MnM-based interposer interconnection

Franz Sebastián Bedoya LLano, Ariana Maria da Conceicao Lacorte Caniato Serrano and Gustavo Pamplona Rehder

Aug. 31 (Thursday) - Session 4 - Devices and Circuits - Chair: Henri Boudinov

Room: FARSALA (15:40h - 18:00h)

Presentation 4,1 (15:40h - 16:00h) - Paper: 21

Reconfigurable Back Enhanced (BE) SOI MOSFET used to Build a logic Inverter

Leonardo S. Yojo, Ricardo C. Rangel, Katia R. A. Sasaki and Joao A. Martino

Presentation 4,2 (16:00h - 16:20h) - Paper: 28

Analysis of p-type Junctionless Nanowire Transistors with Different Crystallographic Orientations

Renan Trevisoli, Rodrigo Doria, Michelly de Souza and Marcelo Pavanello

Presentation 4,3 (16:20h - 16:40h) - Paper 39

Analysis of the Substrate Bias Effect on the Thermal Properties of SOI UTBB Transistors

Fernando J. Costa, Marcelo A. Pavanello, Renan Trevisoli and Rodrigo T.Doria

Presentation 4,4 (16:40h - 17:00h) - Paper: 43

Channel Width Influence on the Analog Performance of the Asymmetric Self-Cascode FD SOI nMOSFETs

Rafael Assalti, Denis Flandre and Michelly de Souza

Presentation 4,5 (17:00h - 17:20h) - Paper: 45

Subthreshold Region Analysis for UTBOX and UTBB SOI nMOSFETs with Different Channel Lengths and Silicon Thickness

Vanessa Silva, Victor Sonnenberg, Joao Martino and Paula Agopian

Presentation 4,6 (17:20h - 17:40h) - Paper: 63

Experimental Evaluation of Mismatching on the Analog Characteristics of GC SOI MOSFETs

Camila Alves, Marcelo Pavanello, Denis Flandre and Michelly de Souza

Presentation 4,7 (17:40h - 18:00h) - Paper: 65


Vinicius Peruzzi, Christian Renaux, Denis Flandre and Salvador Gimenez

Sep. 1 (Friday) - Session 5 - Optoelectronics and photovoltaic - Chair: Gustavo Rehder

Room: FARSALA (08:40h - 10:20)

Presentation 5,1 (08:40h - 09:00h) - Paper: 30

Passivation Analysis of the Emitter and Selective Back Surface Field of Silicon Solar Cells

Ricardo Augusto Zanotto Razera, Izete Zanesco and Adriano Moehlecke

Presentation 5,2 (09:00h - 09:20h) - Paper: 50

Improvement of Trapping Efficiency of Rayleigh particles using elliptical coaxial apertures

Hipólito Alan Arredondo Champi, Rina Huamanrayme Bustamante, Fátima C. de Oliveira and Walter Jaimes Salcedo

Presentation 5,3 (09:20h - 09:40h) - Paper: 33

Simulation of InGaAs/InGaP Multiple Quantum Well Systems for Multijunction Solar Cell

Edgard Winter, Daniel Micha, Nayara Klein, Maurício Pires and Patrícia Souza

Invited (09:40h - 10:00h)

Invited: Advances in multi-junction solar cells: the 50% conversion efficiency horizon

Mircea Guina - Tampere University of Technology

Invited (10:00h - 10:20h)

Invited: Advances in multi-junction solar cells: the 50% conversion efficiency horizon

Mircea Guina - Tampere University of Technology

Sep. 1 (Friday) - Session 6 - Chair: Ricardo Jacobi

Room: Edessa 2 (10:40h - 12:20h)

Presentation (10:40h - 11:00h)


Sep. 1 (Friday) - Session 7 - Novel materials and devices - Chair: Joao Antonio Martino

Room: Farsala (13:40h - 15:20h)

Presentation 6,1 (13:40h - 14:00h) - Paper: 6

Study of the source/drain contact resistance effect in Ni/P3HT/PVA/Al OFETs on flexible substrates

Eliana Van Etten, Gabriel Leite, Marco Vogt and Henri Boudinov

Presentation 6,2 (14:00h - 14:20h) - Paper: 56

Analysis of Bulk and Accumulation Mobilities in n- and p-type Triple Gate Junctionless Nanowire Transistors

Thales Augusto Ribeiro, Antonio Cerdeira and Marcelo Antonio Pavanello

Presentation 6,3 (14:20h - 14:40h) - Paper: 57

Experimental Study and Modeling of Pseudo-Resistor’s Non-Linearity

Cleiton Pereira, Pedro Benko, Milene Galeti, Júlio Lucchi and Renato Giacomini

Presentation 6,4 (14:40h - 15:00h) - Paper: 31

Numerical Simulation of Stressmigration in Interconnects with Air-Gap Structures

Estevão Magro and Roberto Ório

Presentation 6,5 (15:00h - 15:20h) - Paper: 71

The influence of aluminum incorporation on the Structural and Electrical Properties of ZnO Thin Films For Applications in Piezoresistive Sensors

Guilherme Wellington Alves Cardoso, Gabriela Leal, Argemiro Soares da Silva Sobrinho, Juliano Libardi and Marcos Massi

Sep. 1 (Friday) - Session 8 - Reliability- Chair: Salvador Gimenez

Room: Farsala (15:40 - 17:00)

Presentation 7,1 (15:40h - 16:00h) - Paper: 22

The effect of temperature on the sensitivity of a Eight-Terminal Silicon Piezotransducer

Jose Ramirez and Fabiano Fruett

Presentation 7,2 (16:00h - 16:20h) - Paper: 60

PIN Sensor Array Response to Heavy-Ion Particles in Bulk and SOI Technologies

Rudolf Buhler, Edgard Cansio, Andre Perin, Carla Novo, Marcilei Silveira and Renato Giacomini

Presentation 7,3 (16:20h - 16:40h) - Paper: 9

Deterministic methodology to evaluate BTI impact on logic gates propagation delay

Gabriela Firpo Furtado, Thiago Hanna Both and Gilson Wirth

Presentation 7,4 (16:40h - 17:00h) - Paper: 11

A Compact Model for BTI Simulation under Cyclo-Stationary Conditions

Thiago Both, Gabriela Furtado and Gilson Wirth


Sep. 1 (Friday) - Session Number: Poster Session

Room: Edessa 2 (10:40h - 12:20h)

Paper Number: 3

A Biopotencial Amplifier in CMOS for Neural Recording on Optogenetics Applications

Talita Conte Granado, Rodrigo Henrique Gounella, João Paulo Costa, Yuri Assagra and João Paulo Pereira Carmo

Paper Number: 5

Study of the Phase Transitions of Nickel Platinum Silicide obtained by Sputtering and Rapid Thermal Processing 

Frederico Hummel Cioldin, José Alexandre Diniz, Alfredo Rodrigues Vaz, Guilherme Calligaris, Lisandro Pavie Cardoso and Ioshiaki Doi

Paper Number: 10

Optical CMOS sensor for angular measurements with readout electronics 

João Paulo Costa, Rodrigo Gounella, Talita Granado, Rodrigo Machado, Yuri Assagra, José Correia and João Paulo Carmo

Paper Number: 12

A RF Mixer using 0.7um CMOS for Intra Corporal Communication Devices 

Daniel Celino, João Costa, Talita Granado, Yuri Assagra and João Carmo

Paper Number: 14

Nanofibers Containing TiO2 Nanoparticles Formed Using Conventional and Non-Conventional Electrospinning 

Rogerio Furlan, Raymond Cardona, Freddy Wong and Ana Neilde Rodrigues da Silva

Paper Number: 15

Electrochemical Impedance Study of Fresh and Passivated Macroporous Silicon for Sensors 

Rosimara Toledo, Carlos Eduardo Dias, Danilo Huanca and Walter Salcedo

Paper Number: 16

Influence of the melting conditions and Bi2O3 concentration on GeO2-Bi2O3 glasses for near infrared broadband devices applications 

Maylon M. Martins, Luciana R. P. Kassab and Vanessa D. D. Cacho

Paper Number: 20

Study and characterization of bulk heterojunction of P3HT/N2200 for use as active layer in flexible solar cells

Patrick Silva, Nizamara Simenremis and Artemis Ceschin

Paper Number: 23

Reactor design for thermal decomposition of hydrocarbons and tar by means of silicon carbide as microwave absorber 

Lucia Hiromi Higa Moreira, Raphael Garcia Moreira and Sebastião Gomes dos Santos Filho

Paper Number: 24

Fabrication and Characterization of an Ion Mobility Spectrometer Device for Volatile Organic Compounds Detection 

Raphael Garcia Moreira, Lucia Hiromi Higa Moreira and Sebastião Gomes dos Santos Filho

Paper Number: 25

Enhanced Model for ZTC in Irradiated and Strained pFinFET 

Vinicius Nascimento, Paula Agopian, Eddy Simoen, Cor Claeys and João Martino

Paper Number: 26

Fabrication of Conductive Nanofiber Membrane by Electrospinning 

Demétrius Saraiva Gomes and Ana Neilde Rodrigues da Silva

Paper Number: 27

Analog/Digital ΣΔ Converter 

Jair Lins de Emeri Junior, Saulo Finco and Wilmar Bueno de Moraes

Paper Number: 29

Photolithographic and Plasma Etching Technique for Organic Field Effect Transistor Fabrication 

Gabriel Volkweis Leite, Eliana Antunes Van Etten, Marco Antônio Haas Vogt and Henri Ivanov Boudinov

Paper Number: 37

Photonic Crystal Design Tool 

Henrique Nicolas Dos Santos Pereira, Jerônimo Nunes Rocha, Luis Eduardo Pedraza Caballero and Omar Paranaiba Vilela Neto

Paper Number: 42

Back Gate Influence on Transistor Efficiency of SOI nMOS Ω-gate Nanowire down to 10nm Width 

Vitor Tatsuo Itocazu, Luciano Mendes Almeida, Victor Sonnenberg, Paula Ghedini der Agopian, Sylvain Barraud, Maud Vinet, Olivier Faynot and Joao Antonio Martino

Paper Number: 44

The influence of proton irradiation on threshold voltage and tranconductance of SOI n- and p-MOS Ω-gate Nanowire Transistors 

Fernando Ferrari Teixeira, Paula Ghedini der Agopian, Sylvain Barraud, Maud Vinet, Olivier Faynot and Joao Antonio Martino

Paper Number: 46

Parylene-C film as hydrophobic surface in glasses microfluidic devices for double emulsions 

Juliana de Novais Schianti and Mario Ricardo Gongora-Rubio

Paper Number: 49

A multimodal array of enzymatic biosensors: effect of solution’s pH and REFET film 

Hugo José Nogueira Pedroza Dias Mello, Fernando Macedo Mano and Marcelo Mulato

Paper Number: 52

Evaluating the Impact of Electromigration on the Integrated Circuit Performance 

Rafael Nunes and Roberto Orio

Paper Number: 54

A Method of Analysis and Reduction of Atmospheric Pollution in Environments Using an Arduino Platform  

Kethlen Rebouças and Vitor Bremgartner

Paper Number: 59

Self-Heating-based Analysis of Gate Structures on Junctionless Nanowire Transistors 

Flávio Enrico Bergamaschi, Marcelo Antonio Pavanello and Genaro Mariniello

Paper Number: 61

Portable Multispectral System for Bacteria Growth Rate Monitoring 

Fátima Cristina de Oliveira, Mauro Sérgio Braga, Marcela dos Passos Galluzzi Baltazar, Hipólito Alan Arredondo Champi and Walter Jaimes Salcedo

Paper Number: 70

Operational Transconductance Amplifier and State Machine for Photonics Application 

Francisco Ogura, Diego Deotti and Roberto Panepucci

Paper Number: 73

Optical and electrical characterization of Te and Be doped GaAs nanowires grown by self-catalyzed molecular beam epitaxy 

Marcelo R. Piton, Eero Koivusalo, Soile Suomalainen1, Teemu Hakkarainen, S. Souto, Helder V. A. Galeti, Andreas Schramm, Y. Galvão Gobato and Mircea Guina