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Travel Info

How to get to Fortaleza:

Pinto Martins International Airport

Pinto Martins International Airport, located in the geographic center of Fortaleza, is the third busiest airport in the Northeast Region. It is one of the newest and most modern in the country, has capacity to receive 2.5 million passengers / year. It has seven embarkation and disembarkation bridges. The patio can receive up to 19 aircraft simultaneously. To facilitate access to the airport, four viaducts and a pedestrian walkway were built in the road located in front of the terminal.

Airlines that fly to Fortaleza:

If you are already in Brazil and will catch some flight from another city, there are companies like GOL, VARIG, TAM, OCEAN AIR, BRA, BLUE, WebJet and TAF that also operate flights to most Brazilian airports. The companies that operate national charter flights are BRA and TAF.

International Travel Europe:

TAP offers flights to Fortaleza from Lisbon. There are other carriers like Cape Verde Airlines, TAP and TAM (TAM operates jointly with American Airlines and United Airlines) and in the high season it is also possible to enjoy charter flights: Air Italy (Verona), Livingston (Milan), Volare Air Lines (Milan), Travel Service (Prague), TUI Airlines (Amsterdam), Fisher - Air Polska (Warsaw) and FinAir (Finland).

USA International Travel:

TAM offers several flights departing from New York or Miami. Now also with direct flights from Atlanta to Fortaleza.

More Informartion:

Airport Phone:  (85) 3477.1200

Airport Transfers

The best options to go from the Fortaleza International Airport to the conference venue is by taxi: Cooper Taxi Fortaleza / COOPAERO  Or by bus:  Viva Vans Fortaleza.

Distance between Fortaleza Airport and the conference venue is around 10km.

Drive cost around R$70.00* by taxi and R$20.00* by bus. Remember to exchange some currency before getting them.

* brazilian currency

The city also has several consulates that assist foreign visitors.

Phone Info Tourist:  (85) 3101.4668

Tourist Police:  (85) 3101.2488

Secretary of Tourism:  (85) 3101.4642 / (85) 3101.4643 / (85) 3101.4647

Access the link for visa information:


The Chip on The Sands 2017 will take place at the Seara Praia Hotel and for your convenience you may stay at this venue. In order to make your reservation please use the  book form.
Seara Praia Hotel
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